Shipsterns Bluff Video Death Barrels

Shipsterns Bluff Video Death Barrels from Dave otto on Vimeo. Wednesday 26th October Filmed and Edit by Dave Otto Surfers: 0:31 - Caleb Mclean 0:45 - Danny Griffith 0:56...

Bull Shark Attack Story

Bull Shark Attack Story from Dan Jorgensen - New Smyrna Beach Florida The following story was sent to Tupat from Dan Jorgensen. He was...

namibian left barrel
Longest Lefthand Barrels

Longest Lefthand Barrels - somewhere in Namibia. Crazy barrels - will even appeal to natural footed surfers. Crazy Barrels!

Heaviest waves Teahupoo 2011

Heaviest waves Teahupoo 2011 I know we keep going on about it, but i mean bloody hell, these are pretty ridiculous.