Welcome to the brand new website for Surfboards For Sale

We're continuously trying to improve our service to you with the end goal of being the best place to buy and sell surfboards!  We have created an amazing platform for you to sell your surfboard where we've had hundreds of boards sold already.  The next step for us is to see what deals we can bring to you in terms of new surfboards.   Surfboarding is our passion, and we want our website to reflect that.  So not only will we be bringing you great second hand surfboards, new surfboards, but we'll also bring you great content, tutorials, tips and tricks and much more.  So please watch this space.   If you haven't already, sign up to our secondhand.surfboardsforsale.co.uk buying and selling platform to be notified weekly with all the second hand latest boards for sale.  

New Products

We're going to source some of the latest and greatest products in the surfing industry. 

what's next 

“You've listed them, and we've helped sell them”

Keep sticking your boards on our second hand surfboard selling platform, and we'll keep pushing your boards out for everyone to see .   Further more, if you'd like to feature on this website in terms of guest posting, video tutorials or anything else you might be interested in.  Please let us know and we'll make it happen.    Photo Cred - Guy Davies - http://guyjdaviesphotography.co.uk/