Sell Your Surfboard Here

Sell Your Surfboard Here

Here at Surfboards For Sale, we've built a platform making it easy for you to sell your surfboard.   Simply log-in, choose whether it's a new surfboard or a second hand surfboard.  Then move onto the category.  

Sell my surfboard

The two categories are - Shop Sellers and Private Sellers. 

Shop sellers have to be verified by a member of staff here at Surfboards For Sale.  Once verified they are able to take payments directly through our website.   We verify each shop for the safety of our users.  

Private sellers are able to list a board for free and can arrange their own sale, cash on collection or Paypal for example.  

Sell your surfboard UK

Once you've chosen your category, then you can begin to fill in the form with your surfboards information.  

Enter the boards title, price and a detailed description of your surfboard for sale.  Then the type of board, brand and the dimensions.  

Selling my surfboard

Add the fin type and fin set up

Add your location, make it as close to your home as you're happy to do so.  Maybe the nearest town or village might be appropriate. 

Once that is all done then you can take photos or upload photos of your surfboard.  You can take photos and upload them directly onto the website at the click of a button. 

Surfboards For Sale in Wales

Then click submit and you're good to go.  Your board will stay live for as long as you want it to, free of charge.  When it sells, you can log in and delete the listing.  Or you can simple type *Sold* into the title. 

If you've got any questions at all, get in touch with us. 

Many thanks,

Sam - Surfboards For Sale Crew. 

Sell Your Surfboard


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