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How it works

How it works and why should you choose Surfboards For Sale?

Buy and sell second hand surfboards here at Surfboards For Sale.   

Marketplaces are good!

Buying and selling surfboards can be difficult.  First of all, sending them in the post is expensive and can be scary, this is why local marketplaces like Facebook are commonly used.  However, once you've posted your board on Facebook, by the next day it's pretty much gone and no one will ever be able to see it again.   This is why we created Surfboards For Sale - To list your surfboard clearly, for as long as it takes until it's sold...and its FREE! 

We're Social!

The other reason to choose Surfboards For Sale is the social aspect.  We're very social here and hope you are too.  We've built a platform that encourages commenting on boards publicly as well as the ability to message sellers privately.   You can also follow your favourite sellers, to be notified when they post another great board. 

Search based on location

Our location based marketplace works perfectly, and we believe it's THE easiest way to view surfboards from your local area and further afield.  Simply type in your post code, and the surfboards will put them selves in order of distance with a clear display of how far away the board is from you.   You can also scroll the map and see what's about.

Add filters

In addition to precise location based searching, you can add filters.  For example, if you want  the closest 5'8" tall, 21 7/8" Wide and 3 1/16 thickness twin fin Fishes to be displayed in front of you... you can.  

Supporting Shops

We want to support local surf shops by giving them a platform to get their boards in front of thousands of surfboard enthusiasts.  We've added the ability for Trusted shops to take payments online .  It's completely free, we don't take any commission on sales.   We've also given our shop partners the ability to add shipping costs.   To sell as a 'shop' on our platform, all we need to do is call the shop and verify their authenticity.  This protects our buyers from any funny business.  

If you'd like more reasons why to choose SFS or if  you've got any questions at all, please contact us here.

Many thanks,

Surfboards For Sale crew  ✌