The Suit Sack – Wetsuit Bag


When was the last time you went surfing and just chucked your suit on the back seat or boot of your car?  Or are you killing the environment by using plastic bags etc? We’ve designed the Suit Sack Wetsuit bag so you can have a backpack that’s decent in size to just chuck on your shoulders and walk to your nearest secret spot without carrying one of those annoying 1000000-liter dry bags that the kayak instructors use.   It’s big enough to carry a full winter suit with hood and your boots and gloves.  (Trust us, we’ve tried) With a separate compartment on the front for your keys, mobile, or wax this will keep your bits and bobs dry too! The best bit is, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.  For just £35 you’ve got this bad boy for life! Wetsuit Bag for life.