x BLOOM Algae Foam "Front Foot Pad"

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Slater Designs Algae Foam Front Foot Pad.

This 3 Piece front Foot traction pad has been designed for maximum front foot grip and will also afford some protection for your deck from compression dents and foot wells. The flat, low profile creates a more natural "closer to the board" locked-in feel.

Always the innovator with an eye on the environment and sustainability, Kelly has teamed with BLOOM Foam to develop what is undoubtedly THE most eco-friendly surfboard traction pads on the market today.

BLOOM is a high performance flexible foam made from algae biomass which has been harvested from freshwater sources around the globe.

The process literally involves skimming "pond scum" from affected sources, solar drying, pulverising it and then foaming and forming into traction pads.

This patented technology results in a lighter, more durable and cushioned pad and at the same time improves the water quality in waterways by reducing the suffocating algae and re circulating fresh water back into the environment.