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Buy and sell used surfboards here at Surfboards For Sale. Our platform is the easiest and most convenient way of selling your surfboard and it's 100% free. Simply drag and drop your images on your desktop or your smart phone and create a listing instantly. Put your listing in front of thousands of visitors each month no sign up necessary. Browse our large collection of used surfboards from all over the UK.

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Buy and sell used surfboards here at surfboards for sale!  Simply upload your images to our system and let thousands of people browse your listing.

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Buy a modern short-board here at surfboards for sale.  A typical shortboard would usually be a 3 fin set up, aka the thruster.  Get yourself a Simon Anderson bargain here!

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Buy yourself a classic surfboard.  The great thing about these classic surfboards is that they hold their value (and they make you surf like a legend)

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Shop fun surfboards here.  Foamys have come a long way in the last decade.  With hard bottoms and decent fins, you could almost replace your normal shortboard.

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The classic fish surfboard usually has 2 large fins and a fishtail or swallowtail at the back.  The fish surfboard is highly capable of catching small waves because of the wide template.

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Here we have Johnny's Suit Sacks.  Large enough to fit a winter wetsuit, boots and gloves.  We've currently got loads in stock, so get them while they last.